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‘We are on the same page in terms of education, but money remains a hot topic’

‘We are on the same page in terms of education, but money remains a hot topic’

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If everything runs smoothly in the relationship, it turns out that the hot issue surrounding your partner’s money behavior cannot solve itself.

Vincent (36), contractor, is married to Manon (34), stay-at-home mom and Psychology student. They have two sons aged 9 and 6.

“Bring your bread or go somewhere for lunch – that’s what our money quarrels boil down to. Manon would prefer to eat out every weekend, because ‘so incredibly cozy’, but I want to keep an eye on the money. Eating pizza once or going to McDonald’s, fine. But I don’t like paying for four people in a restaurant every Saturday.

In amusement parks, the cinema and on holidays: Manon wants to buy everything on the spot. Even if a lousy bowl of popcorn during the movie costs five euros, while at home I bake a mega bag for less than fifty cents. As a result, going to the cinema with the four of us costs easily a hundred euros, because we also need coke and cake.

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Almost bankrupt on catering

Holidays are always expensive, because Manon refuses to take a bottle of water or beach chair to the beach. As a result, I almost go bankrupt in bed rental and catering. Or am I the one who scours the boulevard for shops where I can get affordable drinks. Manon is really a treasure and we are on the same page in terms of upbringing, but money remains a hot topic.

“She was so stubborn that she didn’t drink a drop of orange juice all day”

We had one of our biggest quarrels during a day at Pony Park Slagharen. There is a supermarket in the park for the bungalow guests. I bought a bottle of orange juice and plastic cups for the price of one can at the cash register. Manon almost exploded. She called me a miser. She thought it was embarrassing that the orange bottle was sticking out of my backpack. That day I kept my leg stiff: it was this or nothing. Then nothing, said Manon. She was so stubborn that she didn’t drink a drop. Oh well, we’ll laugh about it tonight.

Manon understands that financially not everything is possible. I earn well, but we have to live on one salary because she is studying. I would love to have some money left over at the end of the month, but somehow that never works out, because once outside Manon always sees a nice place where we really need to eat, drink, snack or buy something. ”

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