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At the end of last week, we informed you about an unpleasant incident that took place in connection with the game FIFA 21, respectively. FIFA Ultimate Team game mode. One of the developers was to unjustifiably enrich himself by selling rare cards with football players, which he uploaded to buyers directly to their gaming account for a fee of hundreds of euros. The case was brought to the attention of Italian professional player Matteo Ribera, and it was not too long before the case with the hashtag #EAGate spread among the community. Representatives of Electronic Arts immediately responded by assuring that they were embarking on an investigation into what exactly had happened and promised quick intervention and other information. You come up with a post on the game’s website in which EA apologizes and explains how the cards were apparently sent to the players’ accounts.

“During the week, we learned that items from the FUT mode were assigned to individual accounts that did not obtain them through the game itself – ie by opening packages, buying on the game market, fulfilling a challenge or other involvement, such as watching a broadcast on Twitch [ze kterého by v podobě dropu kartičky mohly padnout], “Summarizes Electronic Arts representatives at the beginning. They also confirm that unauthorized card transactions only concern a small number of accounts, but this does not change the fact that this is an unacceptable matter, according to the developers. “Such practices undermine the competitive integrity of the game, are in violation of the user agreement, and we do not intend to tolerate them,” the developers say. For this reason, too, they intend to severely punish those who have been involved in the transactions at the end of the investigation – that is, potential employees and players who have obtained the cards in this way.

So once again, we thank the community for their dedication and support in uncovering similar issues, and we will continue to provide more information as we approach the resolution of the entire event.

People from EA understandably apologize for the whole incident, especially when the cards were supposed to flow directly from the developers, which they mention in the article as frustrating and very annoying. “We are also upset. We know how difficult it is to build trust, “add the authors of the game. At the end of the article, they respond to the growing questions of the community, which asks how the crediting of cards could have occurred at all – as it is clear, EA has such a system and uses it. Naturally, not to be able to sell cards directly to players, but to be able to react in the three usual cases. The first is to be a support function when the contents of an account are deleted due to technical problems and the cards need to be loaded according to the last backup. The second case is testing, which, however, takes place on dedicated servers and logically only in the community of testers, so even from here the cards could not be issued.

The mechanism by which they were distributed to interested parties is also the third function, namely the distribution of cards to selected partners, employees or athletes. Here, EA refers to the size and reach of the FIFA series, which goes hand in hand with various promotions and, for example, cooperation with celebrities. However, the cards issued in this way are non-transferable and non-tradable, which is in line with the nature of cards sold through unauthorized commercial transactions, which is why this system has been suspended until the incident has been properly investigated. “So once again, we thank the community for their dedication and support in uncovering similar issues, and we will continue to provide more information as we approach the resolution of the entire event,” the developers concluded.

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