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We have been closely following the development of Dying Light 2 in the area of ​​the past months and years, and most likely several more articles await us before the game is released. The Polish studio Techland has announced that it will have new information for players next Wednesday, but the message on social networks does not promise anything pleasant at first glance. Although it is accompanied by a short teaser with a shot of a grunting zombie, the label heralds another possible delay or a major intervention in the project. “We’ll have a few words for you about the Dying Light 2 development process,” say the developers, underscoring the considerable atypicalness of similar announcements.

As already mentioned, the new developer update will arrive during next Wednesday, and fans on Discord should be the first to reach them about an hour earlier. Of course, the community is already speculating on what might have happened to Dying Light 2, and developers have been inundated with many questions, especially on Twitter. To a slight surprise – and again with reference to usual the progress of other developers – the people from Techland are not completely deaf to them and provide additional information from which you can put together at least a partial picture, although some of the answers must be seen as a joke. For example, a response to whether the announcement will result in a release of versions for previous-generation consoles, to which the Techland community manager replies that it doesn’t have a next-gen console either

As far as we know, the term developer hell requires that the game in development not move anywhere. Work on DL2 continues, we just announced the game too soon.

However, one of the more reasonable answers can be cited, for example, that the game is fine and Techland is excited to be informed about the news after such a long time. However, the next reaction is a bit worrying when an active community manager explains player hungry after pre-ordering that Everyone will have plenty of time to consider whether to pre-order or not. And because Techland’s tweets are like on a swing, in another developer soothe players that the game will not be canceled, we don’t supposedly look forward to early access and most importantly, Dying Light 2 does not have to be in more serious trouble. “As far as I know, the deadline developer hell requires that the game not move anywhere in development. Work on DL2 continues, we just announced the game too soon, but it’s a long way from development hell, ” Techland answers the questionwhether the game will not turn out as with Cyberpunk 2077.

So there is nothing left but to wait until Wednesday for the official opinion and hope that the news will not be too unpleasant. It is also worth recalling that the sequel to Dying Light was announced in 2018 and more fully presented at E3 a year later. This year, the developers will enter the fourth year after the announcement of their game, but if we were to follow what was heard from Techland earlier, there is a relatively good chance that Dying Light 2 will see the light of day in 2021. We can also refer to information leaks. about the collector’s edition through the database of the Czech store Xzone, which was accompanied by a very credible picture of the entire package, which may signal the upcoming edition. That is, if nothing fundamental has changed…

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