We already know when (Xiaomi) Redmi Note 10 will officially appear. Are you looking forward to it?

If you are a fan of the cheaper Xiaomi phones segment, specifically the very popular Redmi Note series, you are probably looking forward to the introduction of the new Note 10 model. Now we have the official information, when this novelty, beginning in a new decade, appears. The term was first announced by Redmi India’s profile on Twitter, and now appears in other channels, including mi.com. The phone will be introduced worldwide, on March 4.

According to current estimates, we can look forward to both the Note 10 variant and the slightly more equipped Note 10 Pro. Recent leaks of specifications speak of 108mpx main camera, Snapdragon 750G chipset and LCD display with high refresh rate. The date of the Redmi Note 10 performance is also indicated by the Indian variant of Amazon, so the promotion is obviously well taken care of. Will subsequent information about equipment and prices be a pleasure for those interested?

What do you expect from the Redmi Note 10?

Source: GSMArena

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