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we (almost) all sleep too little

During an investigation of an American hospital, something striking came to light. According to the Apple Watch, we (almost) all sleep too little!

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Apple Watch proves: we don’t sleep enough

You probably already know it, but according to a study by Brigham and Woman’s Hospital (a hospital in Boston, Massachusetts), almost all of us sleep too little. The hospital came to this conclusion after reviewing data from more than 42,000 Apple Watches.

According to the researchers, you should sleep at least seven hours a night. But the data showed that only 31 percent of people were getting seven hours of sleep (or more) a day.

The vast majority of people (just under 40 percent) slept about six to seven hours every day. Just over 20 percent spent between five and six hours. There was also a group that slept less than 5 hours per power: about 8.8 percent.

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It is important that you get enough sleep every night. According to the American Heart Association, too little sleep can cause several complaints. Think of burnout, depression, dementia, brain damage, obesity and heart problems.

Go to bed later on the weekend

It was striking that just over 66 percent of all Apple Watch owners went to bed before twelve. Over the weekend, this dropped to about 56 percent. Incidentally, the data from the Apple Watch showed that the average number of hours of sleep was 6 hours and 27 minutes. That is just not enough sleep.

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