Waze is preparing even more new features; statistics and profiles

Waze seems to be working on some useful new features for the navigation app. According to the new messages, vehicle profiles are being worked on and you will also see statistics. The functionality is said to be under development, sources report.

New features for Waze

There are several navigation apps available for the mobile platforms; one of them is Waze. The developers of Waze are now working on several new features, according to new messages. The service may have been taken over by Google years ago, and it was recently announced that the team will be merged with Google Maps; Waze itself is not forgotten.

After your ride you often see the statistics of your ride in Google Maps. We should also see this reflected in Waze in the long term. Waze’s plan would be for that information to be more extensive. With Maps, you get information such as the distance traveled and time, along with the average speed. In the near future, the feature should be rolled out with, for example, personal statistics with your routes and the amount of time you drive each day. Furthermore, Waze should get even more accurate arrival times, and in the main settings menu there should be an option that lets you choose whether you want to use toll roads.

Another feature under development relates to vehicle profiles. It should be possible to create multiple vehicle profiles if you have multiple cars. This can be your own car, but also, for example, a company van. You can indicate for each vehicle separately whether, for example, toll roads should be avoided. It is not known when the new features will be rolled out.

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic
Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

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