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Waze is available on the CarPlay dashboard

After a (short) beta phase, Waze is offering dashboard support on CarPlay. Apple added this feature with iOS 13 and third-party apps can leverage it since iOS 13.4. Waze has therefore taken its time.

The dashboard on CarPlay with Waze (or other) allows you to have a new layout. There’s Waze on the left, GPS directions on the top right, and an app on the bottom right. It can be Phone, Music or other. Thus, the driver can control the essentials from a single space. No need to go back and forth between each application.

It was in beta almost two weeks ago and it is now available to everyone. Make sure you have the latest Waze update on the App Store to have the dashboard support with CarPlay.

Twitter messages below confirm availability with the new update. Consider updating if you are using Waze and have a CarPlay compatible car.

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