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watching something randomly, without knowing what

If you have no idea what kind of music you want to listen to, hit the random play button. You will hear something random. Netflix is ​​now also testing such a ‘Shuffle Play’ function, so you never know what exactly will appear on your screen.

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Netflix tests ‘Shuffle Play’: randomly watching a movie or series

Do you have entire lists on Netflix with what you still need to watch, do you just check the top 10 or are you influenced by the recommended suggestions of the service? If you really don’t know what to watch, the ‘Shuffle Play’ feature might be for you. Netflix is ​​now also testing this feature in the Netherlands. It’s simply called “Play Something” here.

The feature cannot be found in the mobile app. Different people see the possibility on their televisions to set up something randomly. When choosing the profile, users will see a ‘Play something’ button. In the side menu again such an option is given.

Based on previous viewing behavior

So whether a film, series or documentary will be played is the question. Netflix does base the choice on previous viewing behavior. So writes The Verge that the service offered an episode of The Umbrella Academy, because Spider-Man had already been watched. Superheroes are central to both titles.

Netflix 'Play Something'

In response to TechCrunch Netflix confirms the above. The idea behind this feature, according to the service, is to quickly and easily offer members something that is tailored to their taste. The site also writes that Netflix wants to resemble traditional television viewing. You switch on your television and you can see something immediately.

The streaming service does not mention the test on the Netflix blog itself. It is also unknown whether the function will come to the mobile app later.

Do you see something in the ‘Play something’ function or do you decide what to watch? Let us know in the comments below this article!

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