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The WDR live stream (HD) brings programs from the regional broadcaster directly to your screen. Whether at work, at your desk or on the go. We’ll tell you here on GIGA how you can watch WDR HD in the live stream on your laptop, smartphone or TV.

Watch WDR HD live with Joyn now

Of the Westi.eGerman Rundfunk Köln (WDR) is the largest broadcaster of the ARD and after the BBC the second largest broadcaster in Europe. The so-called “third television program” for North Rhine-Westphalia was created in 1956 when NWDR was split into NDR and WDR. From a relatively early stage, the broadcaster made efforts to provide viewers with the best picture and sound quality. The first HD standards were already being used in the mid-1990s and equipment for high-definition television was already being used in 2004 – of course you can also watch the WDR live stream in HD.

The most well-known WDR productions include the children’s knowledge program “The program with the mouse”the political talk show “hart aber fair”, the consumer magazine “Markt” as well as the science program “Quarks” and improvisational comedy “Dittsche”.

The official WDR live stream

If you want to “switch on” the WDR immediately, you can simply use the broadcaster’s official live stream on their website. Apart from the broadcasting fees, you can watch the WDR program live stream here free of charge.

If you want to watch the station on your smartphone or tablet (Android, Apple), you can simply use the official ARD app. In addition to the live stream from WDR, the app also offers you the other stations (NDR, MDR, SWR, etc.) of the broadcasting association as well as the content of the various media libraries.

Apple (iPhone, iPad)

ARD media library


ARD media library

For licensing reasons, there may be minor restrictions on the official live streams. It can happen that some content (feature films, foreign series, etc.) may not be broadcast over the Internet and therefore not via the live stream. Usually, you can get around this limitation by using a paid TV streaming service. In addition, these services offer extended functions such as recorder functions, additional transmitters and more.

More WDR live streams

If you have more choice of channels or don’t want to constantly switch apps, you should take a closer look at the various TV streaming services. In addition to the WDR, you can also watch private or even pay TV stations in the live stream and use additional functions. We have compiled the various providers and their offers in a table for an overview:

Offerer Package (price/month) Channel functions
  • Free (ad-supported)
  • Plus (6.99 Euro)
Public channels in HD, no account required, on-demand content, only plus: exclusive series & films and private channels in HD
Magenta TV Bookable pay-TV and sports channels, cloud recorders, mega library & MagentaTV Originals
Waipu TV
  • Free
  • Comfort (5.99 Euro)
  • Perfect (12.99 Euro)
Only in the paid options: cloud recorder, pause broadcast, pay TV channels can be booked (included in Perfect)
  • Free
  • Premium (9.99 Euro)
  • Ultimate (13.99 Euro)
Cloud recorder (ultimate only), additional TV packages can be booked, restart and live pause, on-demand content

If you don’t see WDR live at all, but would rather record the programs, you should take a look at the following article:

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