Watch The Walking Dead Season 11 Trailer Now

One last time we crawl into the apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead for season 11, the trailer has now been released.

After years of great, but sometimes terribly long-winded seasons, The Walking Dead is coming to an end. The eleventh season marks the end of the successful series. Season 10 was fortunately a beautiful season with a beautiful story. So the makers can still do it.

With that, the hope for a nice closing season for number 11 with The Walking Dead is high. Hopefully they learned from the fail of that other great HBO series, Game of Thrones. That series ended in tears, because the last season of that beloved series turned out to be a huge deception.

No, in that regard, The Walking Dead season 11 needs to do better, and the first trailer certainly looks good. There will be deaths, new friendships will be made, there will be a lot of action and of course the season will eventually reach its peak. Season 11 of The Walking Dead consists of three eight-episode parts. The very last episode will appear in the last part of 2022. And then it’s over with The Walking Dead, after all these years. That’s good, because it’s also been beautiful, hasn’t it?

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