Watch out for spoilers, Horizon Forbidden West escaped for PS4 -apkrig

Sony and the developers at Guerrilla Games are dealing with a huge inconvenience. The upcoming game Horizon Forbidden West, which is not due until February 18, has leaked to the Internet. This is an unfinished build of the PS4 version, and you may have already come across some images in Russian that come from it. According to the Video Games Chronicle, this is an authentic version, as confirmed by its sources, and except for some missing assets, it contains the entire basis of the full game. The fact that some images from social networks have disappeared again due to copyright clearly proves that this is a real escape. They originally appeared on the VK network and the game is to be launched on the PS4 after a jail break.

Although (yet) the game is reportedly not available in the most common pirated content repositories, it is probably only a matter of time before it expands. This poses a potential risk for all fans, even if they do not go personally after the build. There is a great risk that spoilers from the game will start to spread, similar to the escape of The Last of Us Part II, VGC recalls. Therefore, please take this brief news, especially as a warning, that detailed analyzes of the script will probably appear on the Internet, even with all the twists and turns that we all want to avoid.

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