Warning! Another scam is spreading through Slovakia. It can cost you tens of euros

In the online world, another scam awaits users. This time, the fraudsters misused the good name of the Slovak store Mobilonline.sk in order to rob their fans of tens of euros. On behalf of the company, they contact users with the fact that they have been randomly drawn and a gift is waiting for them. The company alerted the scam through its real Facebook profile and also encourages fans to report a fake profile.

After clicking on a fake profile, it is immediately clear that this is not a real company profile. The only thing you will find in it are a few posts about the company. However, they were all published at the same time and have a maximum of one like. You will not find any contact information of the company, a link to its website or customer reviews in the profile.

Verifying your phone number will not guarantee you a prize, but registration for an overpriced SMS service

The text of the report seems quite credible, except for a slightly rough Slovak, ambiguities in tinkering and howling, and missing punctuation. The fraudsters in the report ask that you include your verification phone number in the attached link. However, after opening the link, it is immediately clear that this is a scam. A half-blank page will appear asking you for a phone number to download the content.

Photo: TECHBYTE.sk

It is even written at the bottom of the page where you actually register. You can also know the number to which fraudsters request to send an SMS from other, trusted services. However, after sending an SMS message in this form, you will be subscribed to a suspicious service with automatic renewal, which will cost you 6 euros per week. As this is an SMS service, payments go through your operator and you can easily notice the damage at the end of the month when you receive the flat rate invoice.

Mobilonline.sk fake win
Photo: TECHBYTE.sk

If you have subscribed to a fraudulent service, or you know someone who has done so, you can simply stop it by sending an SMS in the form of a TOP STOP to the number 6678.

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