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Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

Games Workshop distributes licenses to its favorite universe with the grace of Jesus, as a result of which the bag of Warhammer 40,000 game bags has recently been ripped. Of course, this is especially beneficial for smaller independent studios looking for a way to win the glory of a player, or perhaps craftsmen from the French studio Cyanide Studios, the authors of the latest adaptations of Space Hulk. Their expatriates from Bulwark Studios, therefore, went on a crusade through a legion of alien denial, behind a holy grail of positive reviewers in the Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

Meat of Two MetalĀ 

The Mechanicus player takes the role of commander of the Adeptus Mechanicus unit, part of an expedition to the mysterious planet Silva Tenebris. Like in the recently reviewed Gladi, there is an inexorable encounter with sinister, newly awakened Necrons. This, of course, leads, by definition, to a fundamental schism among the members of the expedition

Fanatical (Imperial) Worshipers of Mechanical God face a technologically advanced enemy, so it is not easy to drop the temptation to try to explore and their technology to improve their own hurdles rather than simply to wipe them out. To their misfortune, however, it is also a member of the expedition that the traditional inquirer of the Inquisitor watches over the imperial directives when confronted with alien junk during similar landslides. Everything standing in the way of human expansion across the galaxy is a heresy that must be wiped out without grace

Mechanicus tries to look at the never-ending war of turbulence in the 41st millennium as less harsher and more subtle than usual. Modern tactical tapes rarely diverge from the XCOM monster today. Yes, Mechanicus takes inspiration from the popular hegemon, but also brings a number of interesting mechanics. And, not to be a certain illusion, it could have reached in its category almost as far as last year’s ingenious sovereign Into the Breach

Unlike, for example, the claustrophobic Space Hulk: Tactics, who is trying to port the board game in captivity with the unfortunate litter of dice that can reliably cancel all tactical loot, Mechanicus offers a much more relaxed approach to his tactical core. At first, he can really excite and an eager player literally attach to the monitor with the promise of that proverbial fresh breeze.


Three-Way Earth Depth

Each of the necrophysical bosses has Silva Tenebris’s own, large, unique crypt in the form of an underground complex full of baits. Their awakening takes place asynchronously, so you have some time to break, moisturise all the heads before they are driving you in full strength. Time and regeneration capabilities of the enemy are your main obstacle

This initially appears as a guaranteed challenge and a very fresh mechanics permeating all game systems. In the upper left corner of the screen, you see the percentage of Necropolis awakening status increasing each mission. Once it reaches 100%, the game will send you to the final round with what you have been able to achieve up to now. Why it sounds better than it works, but we’ll just talk in a moment

The game takes place in three basic planes. Base unit management, map movement with contextual events reminiscent of gamebooks and combat itself in isometric 3D arenas. The first of them will be excited especially by all those who like to dress in “outfit” fun and RPG statistics. Each of the technocrats can be visually modified and mixed with the right cocktail of lethal abilities. The game offers six skill trees, but does not tie players, but allows them to mix freely

There are no points of change here, but Blackstone, the material gained in adventures in dark dungeons. Quite strange, however, is the obligation to unlock the corresponding piece of equipment for each of the skills acquired. This is especially true when combining the skills of different trees, when the inventory uses virtually the same tote for each mage. Each mission has a declared difficulty in advance, a reward in the form of currency, equipment, or new types of escorts. You have a choice of several missions each time

The strategic map you are moving on during your mission is reminded of a remarkably similar system in the already mentioned Space Hulk: Tactics, but it is much more fun. Moving on the map will wake up enemies and the more time you spend here, the more bonuses you get during your clash. The most straightforward way to clearly highlight the mission’s objective is logically. However, in this case, you are scrambling to get your own Blackstone rewards, bonuses or extra equipment from the marked rooms.

There’s a choice of story-telling stories about interactive literature. Your decision (often purely randomly) will then determine a penalty or a reward, but usually the first one. In the first part of the game, he can quite convincingly gradate the atmosphere together with storytelling dialogues and great musical accompaniment.

Connection by Mechanical Power

The clash of the Necrons and the Martha technocrats are very absorbing in a similar dictate about half the game. Your mages and their faithful Skitarii will face a very diverse arsenal of necrophagous killers. On the fly of their sniper rifles, they will take them by the Deathmarkers, they will flood the Flayed Ones, and will massacre the Immortals and their heavy cannons and many others

As in Space Hulk, there are also extra action points – points of cognition (BK) that can be used universally. Each magus has standard free movement and possible attack during his round. Here comes the word wit. Depending on the number of free BKs, extra actions are available that can be chained. Over time, they create very effective deadly combos, which can eliminate even more enemies by the only hero during his turn.

Some of these skills and armaments are instrumental in this.

In the later stages of the game, it is not the enemy’s problem to defeat during the first or second round. In addition, the commander has the option of choosing three special global one-time bonuses, such as adding points of knowledge, ignoring enemy armor, curing units, or maximizing weapon blessings (special weapons capabilities) before each mission. BK are by far the most important driver of all combat tactics, and the well-chosen team with enough bonuses for this raw material is almost indestructible on the battlefield. As if it was not enough, your arsenal will grow over time with heavy weapons, especially the Kastellana Battleship, whose deadly flamethrower also melts the organic Necron metal

The second half of the game then becomes an exterminating routine. Although the enemy’s enemies are not the worst and their variability is so varied that there are often many men who are still threateningly looking ahead. Manually designed missions, though through their inevitable mutual similarity, try, more or less successfully, to avoid stereotyping. But what happens when you suddenly find a poignant pointer at the beginning, the dangerously deadly deadlocks of farthing stop scaring you. Necrons, despite their tough roots, when you have to fight each other, your fighting force simply can not resist while your units are constantly strengthening

Space Hulk frustrates cubes, XCOM numerous oysters at 80-90% probability of interference, and here the opposite is waiting for you – an intoxication with your own invincibility. Those who crave the blessing of sci-fi chess orgies in the form of Into the Breach will feel totally superior here. Even at the moment when you decide to go into battle with a smaller party and the awakening level at that level is at maximum value, giving the enemy a number of decent bonuses.

Omnissiah Bless You

Overall, the game suffers from the inability to set difficulty, especially some of the sharpest economic and power limits. Certainly it would have enjoyed some Ironman mode or at least the impossibility of storing a position during missions, and a new dimension would certainly bring the currently absent multiplayer

Technically, it is possible to criticize the framerate fluctuating machines, especially with active edge smoothing. A nice, stylish visual effect only interferes with the impossibility of accelerating character animation. At first, musical accompaniment was suspected of generosity, but eventually he gained us thanks to the building of the atmosphere. The gothic chants of the goths are dynamically flowing from the dark, melodious melodies into the dance beat of broken beats, faster and slower, and the game has a whole fall thanks to the music

Omnissiah has been truly rich in this trip to Silva Tenebris, so the fans of this universe and the slender Tahovari will definitely come to theirs. Unfortunately, it will not be enough for the more demanding and Sebemersky types among you right now. We would recommend some restraint to the purchase. The real challenge for your tactically trained brain cells is to look for you in vain. But if you just make your coquettish coats, do not hesitate.

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