Want to win news from Samsung? Watch their introduction

Samsung will be presenting the traditional Unpacked event in a few hours news for the first half of this year. It is an open secret that these will be three phones from the Galaxy S21 series and at least also improved Galaxy Buds Pro headphones. And you will be able to win some of these new devices on this occasion! He prepared the world of Android in cooperation with Samsung competition for three products introduced as part of Galaxy Unpacked January 2021.

What will be played for?

  1. price – Latest telephone Samsung
  2. price – Latest headphones Samsung
  3. price (3x) – Smaller accessories

All prizes are among the news that will be presented at the event. Therefore, we deliberately do not name them. But you all probably know what is going on 🙂

How to get involved?

Creating a chance to win will not be difficult at all. The competition will start for you by being monitor transmission Samsung Galaxy Unpacked January 2021 (video above) and then meet one simple condition. Send to e-mail soutez@svetandroida.cz screenshot (mobile display, PC monitor…) that captures live broadcasts between the eleventh and twenty-first (11-21) minutes.

The message must be carried Subject “Unpacked January 2021 – the surname of the competitor” and its contents must be in addition to the attached image also first name, last name and postal address competitor. The combination of name and postal address can only be used once for inclusion in the competition, duplicates will be deleted. No contact details provided in the email it is not possible to change it later. Contestants agree that their names will be on the list of winners in the event of a win. Contact information will not be provided to any third party and will be deleted at the end of the competition.

Tip: Set a reminder

If you’re signed in to Chrome or directly to YouTube, you can set a notification to start the live stream.

Who will win Samsung news?

Among the messages received, we will find the winner using this key:

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