WAG – We Act For Good, ecological coaching program

Proposed by WWF and its founding partners (ADEME, MAIF and The post office), this application aims to help you be more eco-responsible thanks to a few easy reflexes that can be adopted in your daily life. In order to regain the power to consume better for oneself and for the planet.

Eat better,
Reduce your energy consumption,
Optimize your mobility,
Prepare your own cosmetics,
Waste no more,
Consume organic and sustainable

Like a real life coach, the WAG application will launch challenges for you to take up alone or in the community, and will thus support you throughout your activities, with ease.

Characteristics :
– Consume healthy and responsible. Through a map of committed places, or a calendar of seasonal fruits & vegetables, learn to consume healthier and in harmony with what the planet offers us throughout the year. In addition, WAG advises you on the best green and ecological products, for better health and more responsible consumption.
– Objective: zero waste. No matter how much we want to sort, it is not always easy: we are wrong, we cannot organize ourselves, some products obviously do not go in any trash … or several. In short, a little help to see more clearly would probably not be refused! That’s good, WAG knows a lot about sorting, so don’t worry about it anymore and follow the coach!
– Do it yourself, for yourself and for the planet. DIY (Do It Yourself) is often a much simpler solution than you might imagine, you just have to know how to do it or know someone who can show us, then everything becomes simpler, even obvious. This is why WAG lists you events to meet people who will introduce you to their work, explain it to you and give you their green tips to make your daily life more pleasant and responsible.
– Optimize your mobility. Leaving, moving, seeing the country… it’s always a good thing, but doing it while emitting as little CO2 as possible is even better! Thanks to its experience and its maps, WAG gives you all its tips to optimize your mobility, without ever depriving you of moving.
– Save energy. With WAG, which provides you with its economic tips and / or offers you to make an appointment in an Energy Info Space, reducing your consumption becomes child’s play! Thus, your end-of-month bill will be lower, but in addition you protect the environment.

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