Vox takes drastic steps – to protect the participants

Not only celebrities or politicians are the target of hate on the internet. Even the participants in the popular cooking show “The Perfect Dinner” have to put up with nasty jokes and insults. That’s why Vox has now pulled the emergency brake.

The idea behind “The Perfect Dinner” is easy to explain: Every week, five amateur chefs compete against each other and create a menu consisting of a starter, main course and dessert. The winner will then be chosen on Friday and will receive 3,000 euros. But even this harmless gameplay seems to get some people’s blood pumping – so much so that Vox now had to intervene.

Vox closes comment function for “The Perfect Dinner”

The TV station has them Comments closed on Instagram. The reason for this drastic step are hate comments and insults that were poured over the participants of the show.

According to Vox, it is a duty that the participants in the cooking show are not hurt by “inappropriate comments,” writes the Cologne broadcaster. Because the focus of the format is “real people with real feelings.”

For this week the comment function on Instagram is now closed. Also on Facebook the comment function has been deactivated.

The step is well received by Instagram users. Currently (January 25, 2023) the post has received almost 600 likes.

Netflix, Disney+ and Co. also have entertaining cooking shows:

CSI reboot launches on Vox

Anyone who prefers hard crime action to swinging cooking spoons is also in luck with Vox. The TV station takes the new edition of the cult series CSI. William Peterson and Jorja Fox return in their signature roles as Grissom and Sara Sidle and work on a single case in the new ten-episode season. From Wednesday, February 22nd, the episodes will be shown in double packs (source: DWDL).

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