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Vote for the best photo of our readers! (50/2020)

Welcome to the next part of the series Photomania. This week we continue with a regular series in which we will publish your photos created using Android devices. However, smartphone owners from “apple” competition can also get involved. See what images our readers have taken. If you think you have better, do not hesitate and send them to us.

About the PHOTOMania project: FOTOm├ínia was established in 2015 as a project focused on photos created by ordinary users and their smartphones. Its aim is to point out the quality of the cameras of various devices with the Android operating system and, of course, to please the reader’s eye. At PHOTO MANIA you will currently find more than 8500 photos, which are classified according to several criteria and equipment. We regularly add new pieces.

PHOTO Mania: Photography (50/2020)

Steel, wood and sun 06.12.2020 | Martin 89 | Architecture Samsung Galaxy S10
Autumn and winter line 06.12.2020 | Martin 89 | Nature Samsung Galaxy S10
Rainbow 06.12.2020 | Microk | Landscape Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
Les | 07.12.2020 | Matosuzu | Nature Huawei Mate 9

PHOTO mania: Vote for the best photo of our readers! (50/2020)

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