Vortex # 178 | History of loot boxes, why isn’t FIFA next-gen even on PC and an interview about Czech horror Sleepy Visitor -apkrig

Monday = vidcast, this is an equation that you are no doubt used to and we will not change anything on it this week either. We bring you more nutritious talk about games, whether it’s loot boxes and where they actually came from or a case around this year’s FIFA series and the reasons why next-gen isn’t on PC either. We invited Viktor Maniš, a Czech developer, who is working with his colleague on the horror game Sleepy Visitor to the interview, and in the end, of course, there is also the obligatory mish-mash.

List of topics

02:43 – Where did the loot boxes actually come from?

46:54 – This year’s FIFA on PC will not be next-gen. And does that surprise you?

1:14:24 – Interview with Viktor Maniš about the horror game Sleepy Visitor

1:39:50 – The final mishmash

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