Vortex # 172 | The first game series with the name of the athlete, changes in Sony and an interview about working in SCS Software -apkrig

Of course, the start of the new week brings with it another issue of our vidcast. We will talk about the first game sports series, which was given its name by a real athlete. We also have another look at news from Sony and our views on, for example, the launch of brand new titles for the PlayStation 4. And, of course, we also have an interview following the recent talk about working at the Warhorse studio. Our invitation was accepted by HR manager Saskia Žáková from SCS Software, with whom we talked, for example, about job interviews, benefits and her attitude towards video games.

List of topics

00:00 – Start

06:09 – Who was the face of the first game sports series

26:31 – Changes in Sony, postponement of games, inclination to PC and availability of new titles also on PS4

1:02:06 – Interview with SCS Software HR Manager Saskia Zakova

1:26:13 – The final mishmash

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