Vortex # 151 | Recapitulation of 2020 and interview with Cyberpunk translator Filip Ženíšek -apkrig

The first vidcast of the new year is very unconventional. It has an unconventional composition, content and footage. Honza Modrák, who helped us jump in for Petr in 2020, replaced him again during the holidays. We talked about the events, games, surprises and disappointments of the past year. In other words, we recapitulated and it got a little out of hand. Even so, there was time for an interview. Our guest this time is the translator Filip Ženíšek, who told us about how Czech was created for Cyberpunk 2077.

List of topics

03:16 – We remember the year 2020

2:50:08 – Interview with Cyberpunk translator Filip Ženíšek

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