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Vodafone, KPN, T-Mobile and more

The month of December is perhaps the best to take out a (new) subscription in combination with a smartphone. Almost all providers stunt during this period with the best offers. We list the best deals for you!

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Smartphone with subscription or SIM only?

Looking for a new smartphone in combination with a subscription? Perhaps your abbo has expired and you can renew? December is often a good month, because all kinds of providers offer all kinds of offers. Are you only looking for a SIM only subscription? Then view our extensive SIM only price comparison!

Vodafone – special December deals

Vodafone now has the special December deals. Do you opt for an unlimited data subscription or do you already have Ziggo internet at home? Then you score the highest discounts.

Also check the best SIM only deals at Vodafone right away, useful if you are only looking for an affordable subscription.

KPN – fast packers

KPN is also present this month. With the large provider you also score the highest discount if you already have internet from the provider at home. If you opt for a mobile bundle with unlimited internet, this will also immediately save some costs.

At KPN you can also choose to take out a SIM only, where you can quickly save several euros per month.

T-Mobile – GoGoGo deals

It’s time again for GoGoGo deals at T-Mobile. This way you save 12.50 euros per month with all subscriptions with 5GB data and 120 calling minutes. This way you can easily and quickly save 300 euros with the deals below.

Not looking for a new device, but only for a good bundle full of call minutes, text messages and MBs? Then choose a SIM only subscription with T-Mobile.

Ben – Budget conscious weeks

Provider Ben also has some cool deals in December during the price-conscious weeks. This way you save on connection costs and receive up to 2500MB (per month) as a gift.

Also check the sim only deals from Ben, if you already have a device in your pocket. You can score that from 6.50 per month, including call minutes, data and text messages.

Tele2 – special offers

Tele2 also stunts with various offers, which quickly saves you tens of euros. These are special prices for subscriptions with 7GB data and 200 calling minutes.

You can also opt for an affordable SIM-only subscription at Tele2.

OnePlus 8 Pro

Finally, you can also look at provider Simyo for a sim only. There you will also find affordable deals and different bundles. This way, you can fine-tune which bundle and its contents best suit your use.

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