Remodeling work and technical problems still cause disruptions at Vodafone today. GIGA keeps an eye on the problems and explains why a current “Vodafone-Down” can affect you and which services are malfunctioning.

Vodafone offers various services and whether there is interference depends on various factors. Maintenance work or damage to lines can lead to interference with Vodafone in mobile communications, landline networks or TV reception. You can find out what to expect right now here.

If you have too many problems on your network, you may also be able to cancel:

Current Vodafone malfunctions and failures

Irrespective of unexpected problems, announced interruptions occur due to maintenance work. Problems are current and may also be expected in the next few days:

date places services Reason / status
5.1. Cable services: Internet and telephone disruptions Disturbance / Fixed
5.1. / 6.1. Cable Services: Impairments to the Internet Backbone fault / Fixed

Area Steinbergkirche, Oldendorf, Langenhorn, Süderlügum
Postal code areas 19 ***, 21 *** – 25 ***, 27449, 29 ***, 72 ***

Mobile telephony and data 4G / LTE Disturbance / Fixed

Bochum, Witten and the surrounding area

All cable services Internet, telephone and television Disturbance / Fixed

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These are known Vodafone faults that are already being worked on. Maintenance work can take longer than planned. So if such work has been reported for today, it may still exist tomorrow. For this reason you will now always see the messages from the past week here.

Where can you find out more about Vodafone problems?

As a rule, however, there is not much you can do than just wait and try again and again to see if it finally works. So: don’t get excited! Take a deep breath and … go on living.