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VOCOlinc VH1 MistFlow Air Humidifier Review: A great smart humidifier

Humidifiers are becoming increasingly popular in homes. They are used not only by people who suffer from dry skin, dry cough or other health problems, but also by those who want to prevent similar problems. If you also like it when the product is not only functional, but also well-designed and smart, we might have a candidate for you. We received the VOCOlinc VH1 MistFlow Air Humidifier humidifier, which meets all these points.

VOCOlinc VH1 MistFlow Air Humidifier review content

Package Contents VOCOlinc VH1 MistFlow Air Humidifier

Included in the package contents VOCOlinc VH1 MistFlow Air Humidifier you get nothing extra. On the box, the company boasts everything the product can point to, the fact that the humidifier can be connected not only with the native application, but also with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. We appreciate the amount of polystyrene, which guarantees that the product will not be damaged, as well as the basic manuals. But don’t look for anything else here. But we don’t mind, we don’t even think about what VOCOlinc should pack. At Flowerbud we complained that it could have been an essential oil, but for this variant we didn’t expect anything else in the package.

Design and quality of workmanship

VOCOlinc VH1 MistFlow Air Humidifier is made of plastic. Don’t expect any premium materials, for this price you simply won’t get anything better than plastic. But it’s not necessarily bad. This is not ordinary plastic, but potextured and that makes it much harder to scratch it in any way. In addition, fingerprints are not captured on it. The processing itself is then precise, it does not throw or bang anything anywhere, which is not always the custom with cheaper humidifiers. The top lid opens easily and refilling the water is very easy, as is closing it. Despite the fact that the lid can be opened after closing it fits beautifully to the rest of the body. So everything fits nicely.

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