Vlogger Mascha is back in a bathing suit for the first time after giving birth: ‘I am satisfied’

‘I’m wearing a bathing suit for the first time since I gave birth,’ says Mascha in her vlog. “The only obvious difference I see is my skin. And my breasts look really different. It is said that nothing changes, but it really does change. I’m still breastfeeding too. But hey: I’m satisfied with my body.’ And rightly so, because she looks fantastic in her panther bathing suit.

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Earlier, the influencer said that she prefers not to talk openly about losing weight and her weight. Not because she’s ashamed of it, but because she doesn’t want to trigger others with her story. ‘I remember years ago that I lost a lot of weight myself and got comments like: ‘Now I don’t really like you anymore, you’re about a dime a dozen girl.’ I thought that was bizarre, but I also understand that it is sensitive,” she wrote in her column for Grazia. ‘Very interesting, but personally I’d rather not be that trigger.’

Watch Mascha’s vlog here:

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