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Vivo Nex 2: a dual screen smarphone? It’s possible now!

The Vivo Nex 2 has still not been shown that images have already been released. The double screen is visible.

vivo Nex 2 two screens

We never stop the innovation We thought we had seen everything with foldable smartphones but Vivo pushes further limits with its Nex range and dual-screen smartphones.

On the road to innovation

The Vivo Nex 2 pushes the limits of the possible. A date of presentation scheduled for December 11 for a smartphone without a notch but a second screen in the back which serves as a viewfinder for the camera. Its 1945-inch 5.5-inch screen serves to stall one’s self-portrait. A more compact rear screen. The future user can also enjoy its multimedia content and a triple photo sensor . The user will have the free choice to use the smartphone in the direction he wants.

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Vivo Nex 2: Where are you technical sheet?

There are no technical records for the Vivo Nex 2 yet and it is the design that is currently worked meticulously . A hierarchy that can be understood as its design is atypical . We still know that a fingerprint sensor (like the OnePlus 6T) will be integrated directly below the screen. The 3D modeling will normally be possible thanks to the brand new system “ring of light” . A Lunar Ring will act as a flash or visual alert when receiving a notification. Note also that on the right side are the volume and ignition buttons and a 3.5 mm jack and a USB-C port . A rather promising innovation for the Vivo Nex 2 that may make curious more than one person. Stay now if Vivo has managed to link the useful to the pleasant.


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Vivo Nex 2: a dual-screen smarphone? It is now possible!

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