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Virus alert! A new threat to your bank account

Malware is popular among hackers. It must be said that they are very practical to use and easy to hide everywhere. So they are found in files on the Internet as well as in applications and the risk only increases for unlucky users. So, yes, you can protect your smartphone (and we explain how here) but you could still fall in the nets of the Xenomorph virus, especially as it changes its skin !

Xenomorph: banks are his friends

We already told you about Xenomorph a few months ago and we have to believe that this malware is not determined to disappear, quite the contrary. It would indeed seem that the latter has evolved in recent months to attack even more banking applications. At the beginning, the virus targeted 56 banks across the planet and today it is 400 ! Discovered by Threat Fabric, the experts of this company warn against its dangerousness and recall its relentless operation:

Thanks to its new functionalities, Xenomorph is now able to automate the entire bank fraud chain, from the infection of the user’s device to the exfiltration of funds, making it one of the The most advanced and dangerous Trojans in circulation on Android.

French banks are of course now part of this long list on which we therefore find, among many others, BNP Paribas, La Banque Postale, Crédit du Nord, LCL, Crédit Agricole or Société Générale. Our advice to avoid having your data hacked remains the same: don’t download outside of Google Play and always read the reviews of the apps you want.

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