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Vin Diesel is the executive producer of Ark II »Vortex

The surprising announcement of the second part of the MMO survival Ark at this year’s The Game Awards caused a great stir. Not only did the developers from the Wildcard studio completely confuse the players from the beginning of the trailer, but they also surprised them by hiring actor Vin Diesel. He became an overnight hallmark of the game and his involvement in the planned animated series based on the first part suggests that we will meet him often in connection with Ark. In addition, it is now being confirmed that Vin Diesel not only “plays” in Arc II, but also directly participates in its development, in the role of executive producer, for which it is said to be a great fit.

Information provided by Wildcard Studios President Doug Kennedy, who spoke to Hollywood Reporter editors about the upcoming game. “As an extremely talented actor and producer, Vin is also an avid gamer who has spent over 1,000 hours with ARK: Survival Evovled,” Kennedy said, certainly surprisingly surprised by fans of the game. However, precisely because Diesel is familiar with the world of Ark and knows the game mechanics through and through, the developers decided to involve him directly in the work, use his observations and ideas and offer him the position of producer. “I’m enjoying Ark and I’m really excited to join the Wildcard studio to work on the story in the game and the animated series,” Diesel confirms the new information, recalling his earlier involvement in other game projects. These were, of course, connected with his own studio Tigon, which signed the Riddick series as well as Fast & Furious Crossroads.

I’m enjoying Ark and I’m really excited to join the Wildcard studio, says Vin Diesel.

As for the second Ark, Vin Diesel will play a character named Santiago, who logically lends not only his appearance but also his voice. If all the information so far is accurate, Ark II should continue the premise of the original game and players can look forward to a brutal primitive world in which it is necessary to face intelligent dinosaurs, aggressive fauna and the toxic environment of inhospitable planets. At least that’s how Xbox Product Manager Tao Sila describes the game on the Xbox Wire website, which of course is no coincidence. Ark II will be exclusive within the consoles for the Xbox Series X | S for a limited time and will most likely combine the Wildcard studio with Microsoft and marketing activities. After all, a similar collaboration took place in the first part, which then focused on the Game Pass.

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