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videos cannot be played

videos cannot be played

TikTok users have been experiencing a malfunction since Thursday morning. Most of the reported issues are related to an error message while watching videos.

TikTok malfunction

Our colleagues from IGN ran into problems this morning when watching videos on TikTok. They were presented with the message “Unable to play video”. According to the website, there are many other TikTok users with the same problems. The complaints about the popular video platform have been pouring in since 10.35 am and seem to be mainly about the app.

It is not yet known what caused the problem at Tiktok. On the IGN editors it seems that it is still possible to upload videos, but viewing is not possible. Tiktok still works properly via a browser. On the Androidworld editors there are no error messages to see yet.

Having trouble playing TikTok videos? Let us know in the poll.

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