Video: second impression of the iPhone 12

How Good Is The iPhone 12 Really? We have been using the four telephones as a daily device for months now and are taking stock. In this video, we discuss our second impression of the iPhone 12.

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Video: iPhone 12 second impression

The iPhone 12 series has now been available for a few months and we have used the devices daily since release. In this video we therefore once again consider the smartphones to paint a more nuanced picture. Does the iPhone 12 live up to the high expectations, or are the phones disappointing in practice? You can see it in the video below.

To get straight to the point: no, the iPhone 12 is certainly not disappointing. Apple has made four fine, powerful and future-proof devices. We are particularly pleased with the fact that the ‘normal’ iPhone (and mini) and Pro models are closer together than ever before.

Both have a beautiful OLED screen, 5G support, the same design and a very fast processor. The Pro variants mainly distinguish themselves in the camera area. We particularly like the accessibility of the iPhone camera. This takes good photos in almost all situations, without you having to make an effort.


The iPhone 12 is not perfect. For example, the battery life of the entry-level model is fine, but certainly not great. This also applies to the iPhone 12 mini and with the iPhone 12 Pro (Max) we find it a shame that these very expensive devices still only have a 60Hz screen. Comparable Android phones have already switched to 90 or 120Hz and therefore animations look much smoother than on the Apple flagships.

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Are you considering buying an iPhone 12? Check out the written versions of this second impression video. We have extensively tested every iPhone 12 model in recent months and therefore know everything about the pros and cons:

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