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Video from Doom 4, Tsushima Japanese Game of the Year, Nolan wants to make games and consoles from KFC -apkrig

The day before Christmas, we probably have the last news summary of this year for you. It is unique in that it is even at this time completely serious and full of important information about what has happened in the last two days. Don’t worry, we’re only briefly mentioning Cyberpunk 2077, so there were footage from the canceled Doom 4, the resolution of the case between Gearbox and musician Bobby Prince, or the details of a new expansion for the great Soviet Republic strategy.

List of topics

00:46 – Check out new footage from the disbanded Doom 4. The prototype really resembles a movie war action like Call of Duty. But some of him survived

07:24 – Heist Cayo Perico for GTA Online was created by developers at home. Leaving the offices did not slow down Rockstar. More content for one player is coming up

14:35 – Japanese developers voted Ghost of Tsushima as the game of the year. This year, the American game about Japan succeeded in a poll by the prestigious Japanese magazine Famitsu

18:49 – Gearbox settles a dispute with the author of the music for Duke Nuk. Bobby Prince receives a fee from 3D Realms. The music stays in the game and more may come

23: 55- Tourist planes arrive in the Soviet Republic strategy. The successful Slovak tycoon has received another update. You can start making money on tourism

27:52 – Developers from 343 industries refute that Halo Infinite should not come out for the Xbox One. The founder of the studio promises that waiting for the game will pay off

31: 39- Christopher Nolan is interested in making games based on his films. Making movies is complicated and takes a lot of time. But according to him, making games is even more difficult

37:18 – Cyberpunk 2077 has sold 13 million units. The CD Projekt has updated the numbers to reflect the returned copies. The report wants to reassure investors

41:42 – PlayStation is preparing 10 movies and series according to its brands. After Uncharted and The Last of Us can come The Last Guardian, Twisted Metal or Sly Cooper

47:28 – Christmas Crumbs: Games with Gold for January 2021, Flight Simulator offers VR mode, Switch is apparently in the middle of its cycle and Miles Morales surpassed in digital sales Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

54:20 – The PS5 will alert you if you accidentally run the PS4 version. On the new console, you should no longer accidentally play the old system version

58:15 – A “console” from KFC with a chicken heater shouldn’t be just a joke. Cooler Master and Asus went into production. The device meets the requirements for playing in 4K and 240 fps

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