Vestaboard makes smartphone notifications fun again!

The great sound, design and feeling that the Vestaboard gives you is an explanation for the hefty price.

We all recognize that epic sound of the past. Some airports and train stations still work with this system, but nowadays almost everything is digitized. We’re talking about that flip-flap sound of a huge board. Such a board that indicates departure times of a destination, or provides you with information about an arriving train.

What if you can hang such a sign on the wall at home? That is possible with the Vestaboard. This company brings the principle of such an information board to your living room. The screen is 42-inch and can display 132 characters. In addition, the variation is enormous, because there are 64 different options for displaying a message on the smart display.

Smart display, because the screen is indeed connected. Messages can be displayed on the screen via iOS or Android via a wireless internet connection. And now say for yourself. Reading an important notification from the Vestaboard is a lot more fun than your smartphone, isn’t it?

One drawback is the price. The Vestaboard is not cheap. The Dutch price is € 3,049. A hefty purchase price, but you do have something unique in your home. The product was introduced in 2021 and is now available through the brand’s webshop.

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