VanMoof reveals fastest bike to date and this is what it costs

The Dutch VanMoof presented the V. A bike in the high-speed bike category with a hefty top speed.

For the cyclist in a serious hurry. VanMoof will now also be involved in the high-speed bike category. With the new VanMoof V, the Dutch bicycle manufacturer has a true showpiece. The specifications don’t lie.

The e-bike can be adjusted with a top speed of up to 50 km/h. Then of course different rules apply than a normal e-bike. For example, a helmet is mandatory, the bicycle must also have a license plate and you must ride on the road instead of on the bike path.

VanMoof V

VanMoof V

VanMoof has equipped the V with two-wheel drive, front and rear suspension, thicker tires and a new frame. Typical gadgets of the brand can also be found on this model. Such as Turbo Boost, Kick Lock for keyless locking, automatic shifting and Theft Defense.

VanMoof V

Ties Carlier, co-founder of VanMoof, expects this type of bicycle to completely replace scooters and cars in the city by 2025. VanMoof expects to deliver the new V e-bike at the end of 2022. Prices start at €3,498 for the electric bicycle. It is an expected price, which may still change as the actual release gets closer.

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