Vanishing News: Protects your secrets

Do you send confidential content to your friends that no one else can see? So you will definitely appreciate the option of Vanishing Messages, which is offered by all the most famous services, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram. The feature is useful if you send passwords, codes or other confidential data, for example, and you are afraid that someone will discover them by chance.

Turn on missing messages in Messenger

It’s probably the easiest thing in Messenger. Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen in that conversation. You should see a spinning wheel animation and then write that you are in vanishing message mode. Alternatively, there may be an easier way to turn them on via the letter “i” in the upper right corner of the screen.

You or other people may not be able to do these missing messages (my case). This may be due to an outdated application or some other unknown reason than in my case. In this case, Messenger will notify you that this mode is not available to the other person.

A nice blog was written for this function by Facebook itself and also added an interesting video of the use of secret or disappearing messages.

Disappearing news in WhatsAppe

WhatsApp offers vanishing messages, which you will find similar to Messenger. Go up through the three points to View Contact and there you should find the option Disappearing Messages. We like that the application also warns you about the possibility that users are able to save this data elsewhere.

Disappearing messages in Signal

The signal could not boast the title of the safest chat application without missing messages. You turn them on, similarly to the applications mentioned above. Open a chat window with the person you want to start a secret chat with, then tap the three dots in the top right and this should be the first option.

Disappearing news in the Telegram

In Telegram, this mode is a bit hidden. You have to open the person’s profile and only there in the menu “under three dots” you will find the option Start Secret Chat. You then invite the user to a special secret room whose screenshot I was unable to capture because it is blocked by the application. This is how secure the Telegram is, which we really praise.

We believe that thanks to our instructions, you will be a little more careful on the Internet, especially when sending sensitive data. By the way, in hidden message mode, you have end-to-end encryption on all devices, which means that data is encrypted all the way from user to user. It also means that the data does not travel to the server of the service through which you send these messages.

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