Valve shows with the Steam Deck how the Switch Pro could have been

The inconspicuous console combines a lot of first-class hardware inside. (Photo: Valve Corporation)

The new device should be a gaming PC in your pocket. In some ways it is strikingly similar to the market leader from Nintendo. Valve has worked hard on the performance, but not on the price.

As it had already begun, Valve is attacking Nintendo in the area of ​​handheld consoles. The US game company is packing at the idea Some superlatives: The device is not only the most powerful, but also the most extensive of its kind. The company, which grew up with Half-Life and the Counter-Strike offshoot, speaks of a handheld gaming PC. For this purpose, he has developed a special processor graphics unit (APU) together with AMD, which should also be able to master the latest AAA games without any problems. Zen-2 and RDNA-2 technologies from the processor manufacturer were used. The innards of the Playstation 5 (test) are also based on them. The prices for the mobile console start at 419 euros. The manufacturer will take reservations from July 16, and the start of delivery is December 2021.

For form factor see Nintendo Switch – hardware see PC

The Steam Deck looks like a switch that is a bit too big. A 7-inch display is emblazoned on the front, which works with the same resolution as Switch: 1280 x 800. But in contrast to this, an AMD APU fires with a 4-core CPU (8 threads) and eight RNA-2 -Computing units what happens there. 16 gigabytes of RAM of the type LPDDR-5 and up to 512 gigabytes of SSD can also be found in the black housing. The storage space can also be expanded with microSD cards. Inside there is also a 6-axis gyroscope and a 40 watt-hour battery that should last between 2 and 6 hours of gameplay. With this, Valve shows what power a Nintendo Switch Pro could have had. Instead, the Japanese manufacturer only released an OLED version, and fans are still waiting for a Pro version. Valve offers the Steam Deck in three versions: with a 64 gigabyte eMMC hard drive for 419 euros, with a 256 gigabyte SSD for 549 euros or with a 512 gigabyte NVMe SSD and special glass. In addition, the operator of the gaming platform Steam packs community advantages.

Valve delivers the Pro version of the Steam Deck at the same time. (Screenshot Valve / t3n)

Control elements from the controller

On the sides of the “deck” there are control pads and full-format analog sticks that are supposed to offer “full fidelity”. Valve writes that they have 55 percent better latency than the Steam controllers. Below are two square trackpads with haptic feedback. Your click strength can be configured. Shoulder and handle buttons are located on the edges and below the deck. There are two speakers and two microphones on the sides. If you want, you can also integrate external controllers or boxes via Bluetooth 5.

The steam deck is housed in a simple housing. (Photo: Valve)

In addition to Bluetooth, the Steam Deck offers dual-band WiFi with 2 × 2 MIMO. The USB-C port supports DisplayPort 1.4. This means that 4k signals can be transmitted at 120 Hertz, or 8k signals at 60 Hertz are also possible. The USB connection has category 3.2 Gen. 2, so it can transmit 10 gigabits per second. Valve sells a docking station with additional connections separately. It is connected via USB-C cable and then offers broadband internet via LAN connection, HDMI and Displayport 1.4 connections as well as other USB ports. The manufacturer has not yet revealed prices for the dock from the deck.

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