Valve is finally getting rid of an unpopular feature

A long-term mode of the Steam Launcher will soon be adopted. Together with the Steam Deck, Valve is about to make big changes. The publisher already has a new feature at hand that will replace the old one. We’ll tell you below which unpopular feature it is and what the new features mean for you.

A Steam feature has to go

In 2012 Valve introduced the Big picture mode for their Steam platform and wanted above all to simplify navigation on TV sets and with the controller. For PC gamers who spend most of the time on their computer, however, this did not offer any particular added value.

Valve now sees it that way too, because the gaming giant wants the unpopular and Abolish the aging mode. That goes out of one Forum post of a Valve employee. Valve moderator austinp_Valve wrote in it:

“We’re going to replace Big Picture Mode with the new Steam Deck user interface.”

So this occurs new operating system, which will be introduced with the Steam Deck, in place of the old mode.

We have summarized all known information about the new PC handheld from Valve for you:

It is not yet clear whether the revised SteamOS will be integrated into the Steam user interface before the handheld is delivered or only afterwards. In the forum austinp_Valve has made it clear that it no exact date yet is certain.

PC gamers and Steam users should take advantage of these useful tools none Make a bow:

Steam’s outdated big picture mode is getting a welcome major overhaul with the new operating system. It is not yet clear when it will appear. What do you think of the innovation? Did you use the big picture mode a lot? And will you use it when it finally becomes more user-friendly?

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