Valve gives instructions on how to open the Steam Deck

In a YouTube video, Valve shows how to professionally dismantle the Steam Deck. (Screenshot Valve / t3n)

The manufacturer does not recommend the repair and still shows how to do it. In times of encapsulated housings and glued displays, the scene is enthusiastic about this.

Valve, the maker of the upcoming Steam Deck handheld console, has released an explanatory video. In it, the company warns to open the compact console, says why, and shows how to do it anyway. Before the presentation begins, a voice says a few memorable words: “Even if it is your PC – or will be as soon as you receive your Steam Deck – and you have every right to open it and do what you want, at Valve we really advise against ever opening it ”. For this argument: “It is your device, you have the right to open it (and repair it yourself)” organizations and legislators in the USA are fighting. Valve then also explains why they still do not recommend opening the device: The Steam Deck is a very closely-knit device that is not designed for users to exchange anything there.

Valve announces source of replacement parts for thumbsticks and SSD

The film focuses on two components: the thumbsticks and the SSD. It becomes obvious that experienced hobbyists should be able to complete the exchange without any problems. The thumbsticks, of which the manufacturer was very proud at the presentation, are custom-made. However, Valve announces that it will present a source for (original) spare parts in the coming months. The company literally names “spare parts, thumbsticks, SSD and possibly more”. This approach is diametrically opposed to that of other electronics manufacturers. For example, Apple has made it very difficult to repair the devices (themselves) for years. The comments from the professional world and below the video speak for themselves, however: The scene is very grateful to Valve for this attitude and for translating it into practical help.

Hard disk upgrade possible

Apparently, buyers of the “smallest” Steam Deck with an eMMC drive will be able to replace it with an SSD. All Steam Decks use the same m2 connection. However, the operating system and all games must be reinstalled for the change. The Steam Deck can be reserved in three variants. The 419 euro version has a 64 gigabyte eMMC. For 549 euros you can get a console with an NVMe SSD that offers 256 gigabytes of storage space. The upper end of the product range costs 679 euros. For this you get the deck with a 512 gigabyte SSD; it should work even faster than that of the medium version. The top model also has anti-reflective and etched glass over the display. An exclusive carrier bag, a community package and a virtual keyboard complete the package. Otherwise the models are identical.

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