Valve confirms that the first wave of Steam Deck will arrive in February -apkrig

Valve representatives have commented on the situation around the Steam Deck several times on the night of Thursday to Friday. Although the launch of the laptop was postponed from the end of last year to the beginning of this year, the people of Valve were always very optimistic after the apology and explanation of the postponement, and the similar mood continues. According to yesterday’s report, everything is well on track so that the device can travel to the first owners at the end of February, and there is also a sufficient number of developers who can test (not only) their games or perform minor page optimizations or screen resolutions. “Despite the global supply pandemic and transportation difficulties, it looks like we will actually start shipping Steam Decks to their new homes by the end of February,” says the Steam Deck team. He also reminds that players can check on the product page of the device, when it is their turn, or wait for the launch of another wave of orders, which will come into play after the second quarter of this year.

According to Valve, there should be no problem with the fact that the developers could not test, because in December alone, hundreds of pieces of equipment were to go to the game studios or individual developers.

“As the device itself builds, there are compatibility checks that will soon allow you to see how the games available on Steam understand Steam Deck,” Valve people said, adding that the first indications that this is really starting to happen. As players have noticed, a new icon corresponding to the Steam Deck has appeared in the Steam 2 database in the Steam 2 database of compatible platforms and operating systems, and it is likely that this will be part of the individual game pages in the future. The individual parameters in the database refer to the running of a test that evaluates whether the game supports the driver, the correct designations of individual controls, the readability of the text in the game menus and the basic performance settings to ensure smooth running on the Steam Deck. About the test a stamp compatibility, but Valve does not speak more specifically yet, but it is very likely that everything will be based on the described discovery.

Games are likely to increase as many developers receive Steam Deck and how well their titles pass the test, or whether they are willing to make the appropriate changes. According to Valve, however, there should be no problem with the fact that the developers could not test, because in December alone, hundreds of pieces of equipment should go to the game studios or individual developers. And as a result, there is also an increased risk that one of the hundreds and probably thousands of people in the gaming industry will not meet the established conditions of confidentiality and will talk about the device in more detail. Boiling Steam magazine spoke anonymously with one of these and came up with some interesting observations that have not yet been widely presented. First of all, the addressed developer believes that the postponement of the release came not only due to the lack of semiconductor chips, but also allegedly due to the unpreparedness of the SteamOS 3.0 interface. The system allegedly needed significant debugging, and allegedly in October the developer doubted that everything would be done by the originally promised December.

As for the individual queries, the developer indicated that as devkity leaves Valve models with 256GB SSD. However, loading from an SSD or SD card is supposed to be almost identically fast, even if the addressed developer did not perform any more detailed measurements and is based only on his feelings and experience. If you ask about the battery’s endurance, it has previously been said that everything depends on the load of the APU, and this time the data was 2-5 hours in connection with a specific title. This also applies to the heating of the entire device, which is supposed to occur naturally, but has never exceeded the unbearable or uncomfortable limit of the cited developer. And the same goes for the fan, which is said to emit as much noise in the load as it does with the Switch, which is said to be not disturbing and almost impossible to notice. However, the developer also commented on more technical questions and added, for example, that it is not yet possible to find out in the interface whether the native version is running or the Proton layer is taking care of running it. He also claims that it is relatively easy to install his own programs, hints at emulators or the interest of other developers under the influence of Steam Deck to create a port of his game for Linux, and there is also a belief that the device will live up to huge expectations.

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