Value-added tax campaign announced with lots of top deals

At MediaMarkt, the popular VAT-free campaign starts again tomorrow, where you can get VAT waived on the majority of the range and save a lot. We have compiled all the information for you and will show you at the start of the campaign which deals are really worthwhile.

MediaMarkt VAT free campaign: How it works

Anyone planning a purchase should stop by MediaMarkt tomorrow evening. The well-known VAT campaign will start there again, giving you a 19 percent discount on almost all products in stock (view campaign at MediaMarkt). The effective discount is 15.966 percentsince the 19 percent is deducted from the sales price including VAT and the VAT is not actually waived. The final price is only displayed in the shopping cart. This made it possible to secure numerous products at the previous best price during the last promotions.

About the VAT campaign at MediaMarkt

The action will take place on Start June 22, 2023 and runs not only online, but also in the branches until June 26, 2023. You should hurry up with the orders, because experience from the last few years shows that popular products in particular are quickly sold out.

MediaMarkt: The best offers from the VAT campaign

At the start of the campaign, we will select a selection of the best deals for you here, which are significantly cheaper than the next best offer in the price comparison. Experience has shown that smartphones, OLED televisions, memory cards and much more are included.

Don’t forget to compare prices

Of course you should compare the prices before buying at MediaMarkt. Just because the retailer gives you an effective discount of around 16 percent does not mean that the best prices are achieved as a result. So take the time to compare prices and only buy if it’s worth it.

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