Vacuum and floor mopping robot with suction station

Ultenic T10 – scope of delivery and design

The packaging of the Ultenic T10 is really full of contents. There is:

  • The Ultenic T10
  • A remote control (including batteries)
  • a suction and charging station
  • a power supply
  • Two wiper attachments
  • An additional filter
  • an additional side brush
  • Two vacuum cleaner bags for the station

So you can see here that everything is duplicated in the Ultenic T10, so you don’t have to worry too much about longevity.

In terms of design, I really like the white look of the Ultenic T10. You often think that black is better, but white fits really well in most households and always looks clean over a long period of time, so that fingerprints or dust are not visible on it. The situation is similar with the suction station, which is kept in a similar color. In addition to the charging dock or the charging station and the opening for suction at the top, this also has a lid that can be opened to attach one of the vacuum cleaner bags. It is about 36 cm high, 28 cm wide and 19.5 cm deep with the connection for the power cord on the back.

Ultenic T10 vacuum cleaner robot mopping robot with suction station test Mobilegeeks

The Ultenic T10 and the suction station are mainly made of plastic, are well made and look high quality. In terms of structure, the Ultenic T10 is similar to many other vacuum cleaner robots on the market with a few buttons on the top, with which you can manually instruct the robot to return to the station, and a small tower in which the laser sensors for space detection are provided and thanks to its rotation inside the robot always knows exactly where it is in the room.

Below you will find the wheels, the main brush, the side brush, etc. Here you can replace practically everything with the supplied accessories or attach one of the two wiper attachments magnetically. A dust tank and at the same time a water tank in one, where both parts are separated, is also located here and can be easily removed, emptied or filled with water. But you don’t really have to worry about that, because the dust is completely sucked into the dust bag when docking, so that, according to the manufacturer, the robot can vacuum for 60 days a day before you have to replace the dust bag. I let it drive through the rooms about 2-3 times a week and should really be able to get along with it for a long time. You only have to fill the water tank yourself occasionally.

Ultenic T10 – App and functionality

A smartphone and thus also the Ultenic app is required for the initial set-up. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the app to set up and connect the Ultenic T10 to the WiFi network. In the app you can then manage all Ultenic robots in the house and also each room individually.

As with many robots of this type, with the Ultenic T10 you can start the cleaning process manually, with the remote control, the app or the voice assistant. Alternatively, automate the entire procedure with schedules. The cleaning history is always saved so that you can always see when the robot cleaned and how long it took. The entire route is even displayed, which can also be very helpful afterwards. You will also see the estimated durability of various parts (see picture above) and when it is best to replace or clean them. Depending on the part, the app calculates between 150 and 300 hours.

As already mentioned, you can start the suction process not only on the device itself, but also via the app, remote control and voice control. The latter is only possible via Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. I couldn’t find an option for Apple Homekit and it isn’t listed on the product page either. I can forgive the device because I always use the smartphone or the remote control anyway, but it’s something to keep in mind if you prefer voice control with Siri. With the remote control you can give almost all commands to the robot that the smartphone can.

Ultenic T10 vacuum cleaner robot mopping robot with suction station test Mobilegeeks

In the app you can also change the voice output or the volume, which is not possible with all vacuum cleaner robots and it is also possible to adjust the strength of the suction process. But it also does that automatically when it hits a carpet. Since I don’t have one anymore, I can’t say much about that. The maximum suction power is 3000 Pascal, which makes it at least one of the strongest representatives of its kind. When vacuuming, the operating volume is a maximum of 60 dB. Unless the suction power is set to maximum, the noise level is of course significantly lower. Clearly audible, but not too annoying. Equivalent to this, you can set how much water the robot should use in the wiping mode. There are three levels to this.

The Ultenic T10 does an excellent job of cleaning. To do this, he not only uses various sensors and the shock sensor, but also the laser sensor mentioned at the beginning, which currently cannot be missing in any vacuum cleaner robot. At the beginning, the space is recorded immediately and completed into a perfect map during the journey. This means that the robot always knows where it is and can systematically plan how it is to enter the room, but it is never lost, even if you lift it up and put it down somewhere else, as it can always find its way back or not. knows exactly where it is. The app shows not only retrospectively, but also live where the robot is and which route it is traveling.

The Ultenic T10 is really very precise and knows how to handle difficult obstacles very well and knows how to free itself (without using a lot of force), which is not the case with all robots. You don’t have to be afraid with vases, as long as they don’t have super thin legs and even stairs it recognizes immediately that it cannot fall down. He should also be able to live with animals without any problems. By the way, it is really great that as soon as the card is recorded or even when you start it for the first time, you can immediately define virtual walls, no-go zones and rooms. Once set, the robot always knows immediately where it is not allowed to go, where it is only allowed to vacuum, etc. At the same time, there is also the option of separating different rooms and floors and, for example, telling the robot to clean the kitchen because a sack of flour fell over there.

The Ultenic T10 comes with a 5200 mAh battery and can charge for around 4.5 hours. 280 minutes to be precise. That corresponds to an area of ​​250 m² if you extrapolate that. In normal households, it would have to turn many laps in a row in order to reach its potential.

At the end of each session or if the battery runs out, the Ultenic drives back to its charging station. Here is then once very vigorously sucked in, which is the loudest process overall and that’s it. He really does everything very reliably. Even if I move the charging station, which causes problems for some other robots.

Ultenic T10 vacuum cleaner robot mopping robot with suction station test Mobilegeeks

Ultenic T10 – Price and availability

The Ultenic T10 is already available and has an RRP of 599 euros Amazon, but currently costs 499 euros, where you can save another 50 euros with the discount voucher on Amazon. The manufacturer asked us again for the code Ultenic70OFF to pass on to the readers, with which you can save another 70 euros. This effectively amounts to 379 euros. At the price, the Ultenic T10 is definitely recommendable. Not because of the big discount, but in direct comparison with more expensive models.

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