Using Apple CarPlay to turn on heated seats

At the moment, Apple Carplay still has a fairly restrictive influence on your car, but you may soon be able to switch on the seat heating with it.

Operate the navigation, select music via Spotify. For these kinds of tasks, Apple CarPlay works as an excellent extension of your iPhone in the car. Your smartphone is, as it were, projected onto the large display in the car. But there are also limits. If you want to operate the climate control of the car, for example, you have to leave the Apple CarPlay environment.

Apple CarPlay for your heated seats

Apple therefore wants to be able to link multiple functionalities to CarPlay. Bloomberg reports about this. Among other things, operating the car radio, seat heating, air conditioning and more must all be done via Apple CarPlay. Sounds good, because so the environment of CarPlay tasks of the car over.

At the moment, the American tech giant from Cupertino is said to be working in-house on the project under the codename IronHeart. It is still in its early stages, but could become a reality in a while. Provided the car manufacturer also wants to cooperate, of course.

Google has already gone a step further. The tech manufacturer is currently supplying Volvo and Polestar with a complete multimedia system. This allows you to operate all things, such as seat heating, immediately. Switching to Android Auto separately is then no longer necessary. The whole is integrated in this multimedia system. Apple clearly wants to go in the same direction.

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