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Using a Motorola smartphone as a computer: soon it will be possible (again)

Motorola is working behind the scenes on the possibility of using your Motorola smartphone as a computer. It is not yet clear when the feature will appear and whether existing Moto devices are suitable.

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Using your Motorola smartphone as a computer

This is evident from an official video on the website of chip manufacturer Qualcomm. The video was first noticed by PC Mag and is still on the Qualcomm website at the time of writing Android Planet confirm.

The video shows how an unknown Motorola smartphone is connected to a Lenovo laptop. The image does not clarify how, but it appears to be via a USB-C cable. There is also an unknown device in another USB port of the laptop. It is unclear what it does and whether it is needed for desktop mode. According to Motorola, you can also use a regular monitor instead of a laptop.

Motorola demonstrates in the video what desktop mode looks and works like. At the bottom of the screen is a taskbar that is reminiscent of Windows and Samsung’s mobile DeX solution. You can use multiple apps side by side and adjust the size of the apps on the screen. It is also possible to use an app in full screen.

According to Motorola, the desktop mode is ideal for working more productively with your smartphone, but also for viewing photos and videos.

Details still scarce

It is unknown when Motorola will officially announce and release desktop mode. It is also uncertain whether existing Moto devices such as the Moto G 5G Plus and Motorola Edge are suitable for this feature.

Desktop mode may only work with new smartphones. The video is all about Qualcomm’s brand new Snapdragon 800 processor series, which will appear in Motorola devices in 2021. It may be that the manufacturer already shows a preview of one of those new smartphones. There have been rumors for some time that a premium Motorola device with a relatively low price will appear in early 2021.

Smartphone as a computer is not new

Although a desktop mode appeals to the imagination, the feature is anything but new. Motorola already released the Atrix 4G with a laptop case back in 2011. That way you could use your Motorola smartphone as a computer.

note 8 accessories

Samsung has been selling more expensive Galaxy smartphones for a few years that can be connected to a monitor via a USB-C cable or WiFi. You also need a mouse and keyboard. With the DeX software you can use the Galaxy S20 or other suitable phone as a computer. The upcoming OneUI 3.0 update (with Android 11) improves DeX in several ways.

Huawei and LG also offer a desktop mode. Android 10 also has a desktop mode by default, but it is hidden and less comprehensive than the solutions from manufacturers.

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