Useful app Immediate transcription is waiting for significant improvements

A handy compensation tool Instant transcription, which is especially important for people with hearing problems convert speech and other audio inputs to text, will undergo a very substantial change according to the newly revealed mentions in the code. The application with more than a hundred million downloads is currently being converted into written form, such as speaking, drawing attention to various important sounds in the home (such as a doorbell), and perceiving user-defined words or its name. The novelty is that while so far the tool required an Internet connection, it should now work offline as well.

Mentions of this idea appeared in version 4.6 of the Instant Transcript application. Google seems to plan to be able to use each language similar to its translator. That is, those elected whose we download the complete packages in advance to a mobile phone, they will then be used offline. The developers have not yet officially announced the work on this novelty, and it is not even clear when it will appear in a sharp release. With version 4.6, a new one arrived in the application, among other things visual style Material You.

How many people do you know with hearing impairments?

Zdroj: XDA

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