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US keeps door open for Bitcoin, price rises

The US (United States) takes a positive stance on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin price reacts positively.

While a country like China tries to close as many doors to cryptocurrency as possible, we see the opposite happening in the United States. Jerome Powell, chairman of the US Federal Reserve, has said there is no intention from the US to ban Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The ruling has a good effect on the price of Bitcoin. If Powell had said the opposite, the course would have looked very different. Bitcoin is up a few percent this morning, climbing towards $45,000 in value.

It is not a license for crypto to grow like a weed in the United States. For example, Powell argues for government regulation to maintain some control. This doesn’t have to mean anything negative. After all, regular currency also has to do with regulation. It is precisely because of regulation that crypto is less attractive for criminals and more attractive for companies to do something with it. So we should not expect a ban from the US regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Good news for anyone with crypto or anyone who wants to do something with crypto.

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