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Updated Adobe Lightroom for Mac M1

Adobe offers version 4.1 of its Lightroom application with support for Macs equipped with the M1 chip. It is the group’s first application to support Apple Silicon Macs. Photoshop and the others will follow over the weeks / months.

As you can imagine, an optimized version of Lightroom for Mac M1 is a positive point for performance. The export of photos will be done faster for example. This is great when it comes to processing several hundred photos at once. Until now, Adobe’s tool has been running on M1 Macs using Apple’s Rosetta 2. This emulation layer was running the Intel (x86) version.

Adobe notes that this is an early version of Lightroom on Mac M1. Future updates will further improve performance. In addition, Adobe also offers the new version on Windows computers with an ARM chip. They are few to date.

Lightroom for Mac M1 is available for download from the Mac App Store or through Adobe’s Creative Cloud utility.

By the way, Adobe indicates on his blog that Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, and Adobe Camera Raw work well with Rosetta 2 to date. But users with a Mac M1 can rest assured: they will be entitled to a native version as soon as it is ready. Also, the versions for Intel Macs will continue will always have updates.

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