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Update Google Fit brings more information to home screen

An update to Google Fit brings more information to the home screen of the app. This way you have a better view of all statistics about your health. There will also be new tiles for Wear OS.

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Google Fit home screen shows more information after update

An update to Google Fit brings a lot of changes to the home screen. That will be changed in order to be able to show more information about your health. The update is in line with last year’s redesign. The home screen will soon show what your weekly goals are and what your recent workouts looked like. You also get a better view of your heart rate and how your weight and blood pressure are developing.

The update also brings more information about the nightly hours to Google Fit. If you’re using a smartwatch or app that tracks your sleep rhythm, you can sync that data with Google Fit. You can also challenge yourself to go to bed at a certain time.

With Google Fit you can already get a summary of your walk or run session. You can see where you have walked, how long you have walked and how many kilometers you have covered. With the latest update, you can easily share this information on social media or via WhatsApp.

New tiles for Wear OS

Wear OS, Google’s smart watch operating system, gets new tiles that also help you improve your health. This will provide shortcuts to recent workouts and you will see all important information about your heart rate on the screen while exercising.

In addition, you can see at a glance what the weather forecast is, so that you will not be faced with surprises. With the special tile for breathing exercises you can bring your heart rate down quickly. The update for Google Fit and the new tiles for Wear OS roll out this week.

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