Unlocking a door with your face? Welcome to Smart Door Lock X

Smart locks have been a trend of the last few years. This is certainly a very interesting way to make your household a little smarter. They are usually unlocked via a code, an application or, for example, a fingerprint reader. But the Chinese Xiaomi pulled out with a new lock Face Recognition Smart Door Lock X, which (as the name suggests) hides a sensor for face recognition.

Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lock X is a new smart lock

The castle will have in it 3D structured light scannerwhich helps to quickly detect a face. In addition, the Chinese giant claims that it is the highest quality smart lock that offers the best level of security when it comes to face recognition. Xiaomi Ecochain CEO Qu Heng said the probability of a lock failure is less than 1: 1,000,000.

The Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lock X is also equipped with an ultrasonic sensor that is able to detect if anyone is nearby and if a person is there for too long, you will receive a notification via the Mijia application. If the lock does not recognize you, you have other alternative methods to unlock. It will be in pre-sale from October 12, but we do not know the price yet.

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Source: gizchina.com

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