United Kingdom plans to use vegetable oil for oil heating

In the fight against climate change, it is necessary to start at various points. In addition to new approaches in the area of ​​infrastructure and transport, we also have to think about how we will live in the future. Although there are now many environmentally friendly options for everyday use, including heating or choosing the electricity provider, this area is still a major emitter.

If we take a look at the United Kingdom, for example, over 1.5 million households are still heated with oil, which is 5 percent of all households. For some, switching to other technologies is not worthwhile or is simply impossible, so one idea is to change the fuel. Instead of conventional heating oils, hydrogenated vegetable oils should be used.

Vegetable oil should be significantly more sustainable (Image: Kai Dahms)

The advantage of these vegetable oils is that they are produced from non-harmful waste and emissions are reduced by up to 90 percent. 19 households in the United Kingdom are already using the new approach, and in Scotland the first household has recently switched to vegetable oil.

Of course, with such a change, the costs must also be taken into account. The conversion costs between 580 euros and 1165 euros, but existing tanks can still be used. On colder days, around 20 liters of oil are required per day, which is in the same order of magnitude as conventional methods.

Heating systems are usually not particularly sustainable (Image: Julian Hochgesang)
Own opinion:

In order to protect the climate, it is not always a question of replacing existing technologies or making new acquisitions, sometimes it is also worth rethinking the way we use existing resources. The approach presented here shows that new fuels can help reduce emissions and live more sustainably. Only such approaches have to be rolled out on a broad basis and used in many places. In my opinion, individual alternatives help more than many isolated solutions.

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