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Unions: Apple appeals and defends itself from conducting employee interrogations

Friday, June 23, Apple appealed the decision of an NLRB judge (National Labor Relations Board) who recently believed that the Cupertino company had violated labor laws by conducting “coercive” interrogations of its employees and pro-union sympathizers. Apple’s lawyers have countered that they disagree with this verdict and believe that Apple has a collaborative corporate culture that drives it to have communications “open, honest and direct” with its employees.

The appeal process will follow the usual NLRB procedure. Until a potential reversal of the situation, Apple is prohibited from confiscating the ” pro-union literature » in rest rooms or “to interfere with, restrain or coerce employees” in exercising their rights. As a reminder, this is the first time that the NLRB statute against Apple. The union push in the Apple Store definitely poses a lot of problems for Apple, and proves without a doubt that the working conditions in the shops are still far from the ideal of well-being, yet bludgeoned by the Cupertino company.

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