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Um, what? Man stuffs movies on floppy disks

Of course, there are crazier hobbies in this world. But this is very special. A man puts movies on floppy disks.

In 2020 there are many easy ways to take a movie with you. On your smartphone, on an external hard drive, via the cloud. You name it. You can also use a USB stick, but that’s old-fashioned. Let alone burn to a CD or … via a floppy disk?

Movies on floppy disks

Putting a movie on a floppy disk sounds almost impossible. Space is extremely limited, so how on earth do you get a movie on that? Reddit user GreedyPaint proves it can be done. He managed to do it with a special trick. The movies are compressed using a modified x265 codec. As a result, the film is incredibly small in a resolution of only 120 x 96.

As a result, a movie like Shrek is only 1.37 MB ‘big’. A very good performance. A case ‘because it is possible’, because who is going to watch a movie at such a low resolution for fun? In any case, it is funny that antique technology can still be used through this application. Good luck with the Lord of The Rings triology, GreedyPaint. (via Engadget)

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