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Ubisoft indicates the release of a remake of Sands of Time on Switch -apkrig

Ever since the official release of the remake of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, there has been speculation about the target platforms. Although Ubisoft has only officially confirmed the PC versions, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, a possible release for Switch still hangs in the air. In today’s tweet deleted about her on the day of the announcement informed the official account of the French Ubisoft and together with a picture of the box came hints from several shops. Now the version for Nintendo Switch has appeared directly on the game card in the database of the official Ubisoft store, although unlike other platforms it is not possible to pre-order at this time.

Two days ago, a user of Reddit, nicknamed NayamAmarshe, drew attention to the all-encompassing bookmark, who did not forgive a small digger into Ubisoft in connection with various leaks. After all, even information about the postponement of the release from the end of next January to mid-March leaked before Ubisoft managed to officially comment on it, and apparently this happened through the publisher’s Czech Facebook page.

Source: Ubisoft

It is therefore quite safe to think that the remake of Sands of Time will actually appear on the Switch, although despite the continuing opportunity to click on this version in the Ubisoft Store, the developers did not comment even after two days. Interestingly, the game’s description also mentions a free upgrade to the next-gen version for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X (without the Series S), although the native versions for the new consoles have not been mentioned before. Explanatory star but does not lead to any footnote and therefore even this part of the report cannot yet be fully verified.

However, Ubisoft is probably not worried about updating its own website, as it still states in the improvised FAQ section that the game will be released on the original scheduled date of January 21, so it is probably necessary to wait until the end of the Christmas holidays before starting again. something to happen. Until then, we remind you that the development of the game is due to the Indian studios Ubisoft in Mumbai, respectively. Pune and that the criticized visual style is the intention of the entire Ubisoft, not the result of insufficient experience of the teams in the mentioned branches. We dealt with the game in detail after the announcement and we mentioned not only the praise of the original author Jordan Mechner but also the fact that the remake will also include a game from 1989.

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